Mazda6 Corporate Select

Service your business needs with Mazda

When it comes to Mazda vehicles, we never compromise on quality and service. It should be the same with your business vehicles. With Mazda's Corporate Select Program, you'll discover style and performance on competitive plans with a range of our exciting vehicles.

Not only do you get elegant passenger comfort and driving excitement, Corporate Select also offers outstanding value with 40,000km of complimentary servicing on any CX-3, CX-5, CX-8, CX-9, MX-5, or Mazda6 purchase. The four services, conducted every 10,000km, can be carried out at any Mazda dealer – perfect for businesses with several locations. Call the dealership today for more information.

40,000km of complimentary servicing

Mazda vehicles deliver driving excitement without compromise, and Mazda is committed to ensuring this superior quality is maintained through Mazda Service Select. We understand everyone has different driving habits - that's why you can service your Mazda according to how much you drive.

There are two parts to the Mazda Service Select program.

  1. Base Scheduled Maintenance is due every 10,000km, but not longer than 12 months, whichever comes first.
  2. Additional Scheduled Maintenance items are additional to Base Scheduled Maintenance and are required when they fall due, either by the age of the vehicle or distance travelled, whichever occurs first.

Life without compromise

Life without compromise

Mazda vehicles are the perfect balance of form and power.

Life without compromise

Whether it's the CX-5 or any of the other vehicles covered by Mazda Corporate Select, style and confidence come without compromise. 

Life without compromise

On certain vehicles, Active Driving Display superimposes key data into your field of vision, improving safety by reducing distraction.