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When it comes to keeping your Mazda in tip-top shape, only a Mazda Genuine Service can deliver the assurance you're looking for.

                      We only use parts made for Mazda, by Mazda.

                      Updating your Mazda with the latest driver technologies.

                      Preserve your vehicle's value with a tailored service schedule.

                      Our unique Modular Diagnostic system tests your vehicles vital                       functions.

Mazda Service and Corporate Select

Mazda Service Select

With Mazda Service Select you can vary your visit schedule according to how you use your Mazda. For example, if you travel on average 13,000kms per year, you can service your Mazda once every 9 months, if you travel less, say 8,000kms per year you only need to come in once a year.

You’ll also get peace of mind as you will not pay more for a scheduled service performed by your Mazda Dealer than the price advertised for that service on at the time your scheduled service is booked+.  Just check to view the current pricing when it's time to book your service.

Mazda Service and Corporate Select

Mazda Corporate Select

When it comes to Mazda, we never compromise on quality and service. It should be the same with your business vehicles. With Mazda's Corporate Select Program, you'll discover style and performance on competitive plans with our premium passenger sedan and wagon.

Not only do you get elegant passenger comfort and driving excitement, Corporate Select also offers outstanding value with 40,000km of complimentary servicing on any Mazda6 purchase. The four services, conducted every 10,000km, can be carried out at any Mazda Dealership across Australia – perfect for businesses with several locations.

Our Servicing Pricing Explained

We make it as simple as possible to understanding our service pricing.

Servicing Pricing Guide

How much will my next service be?

Type in your VIN or registration number, and we'll estimate this for you.

Servicing Pricing Guide

Thinking of buying a new Mazda?

Take the guesswork out of what your service might cost with our service guide.

How We're Adapting

Have Dealership Hours Changed?

See the current trading hours for Nowra Mazda here

How Are your Ensuring the Safety of Customers and Staff?

To protect our customers and staff, Nowra Mazda are going over and above the government recommended processes to ensure the appropriate levels of social distancing and hygiene are followed.

For more information on the measures Nowra Mazda has put in place, the team is ready to assist, so please don’t hesitate to contact Nowra Mazda.

Can I Book a Service Online?

Yes, you can book your Mazda in for a service here.

Can I Book a Recall?

Yes, you can book your Mazda in for a recall here. To see if your vehicle is affected by a recall, please visit the Mazda Recalls page.